Create a poster to reflect your true self

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Who wouldn’t want to star in their own major motion picture movie?  Right????  This fantasy is always kind of a fun one, don’t you think?  This lovely couple were getting ready to take the ultimate plunge, and get married.  We were lucky enough to photograph this remarkable part of their history.  Her husband is a cowboy and she is a hairstylist.   Okay, fast forward….. the bride happens to absolutely, love romance novels, especially the ones involving cowboys.  Her sister mentioned this to us and we thought it would be a fun idea to create the ultimate personal, movie poster starring, THEM !!!!  A marriage gift to them both.  They loved it !  They look like movie stars !  We continue to think that everyone can, look like movie stars !  Why not?  Life’s short.  Have fun.  Make your own darn movie, starring YOU !  We can help you make that happen, because you’re already a star and you know it.

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Re-Create a favorite memory from your childhood


This is a photo of Carlie, a brand new flight attendant and a lovely, wonderful, young woman.  The below, corner shot was a treasured photo of her as a little angel at the age of two.  Her Mom wanted to somehow recreate this precious, family moment.  I immediately thought, okay she is now, a grown angel, ironically a flight attendant, and a woman ready to take flight in life.  Hence, the modern day angel wings!   This is the kind of photography that makes us very happy.  Just like the photographer who took the precious shot of Carlie when she was a toddler and the one recently, created, we know as photographers we will one day be long forgotten.  That’s okay. It is our job to document people’s lives.  It is our absolute pleasure.  It is so cool to be a part of a family’s photographic heirlooms.  We believe in photographing your life, preserving it in a manner that future generations will look, wonder, treasure, and be proud of who you were.  It is our job, our calling, and our honor. 

This Week we are taking about Kids!

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This week we’re talking about photographing kids.  Our kids.  The cutest ones ever born, of course!!!   When my nephew was a wee lad, he said and did the most adorable things that I will never forget.  He insisted on singing me “Frère Jacques” over and over again and told me that he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t married yet!  Adorable, right??? If we are lucky, we all have these precious moments with our children.  We tell ourselves, “Oh my, I will never forget the time when….” , because it was so cute, so adorable, and your heart was bursting with so much love.  Yet, still life goes on and somehow, we forget that 'oh, so cute time' and the memories can get fuzzy.  They grow up.  My nephew is now literally, a brain surgeon!  I am very proud of my nephew or as he was once known as P.J.  He would now kill me for calling him that!

But the little guy that I baked cookies with and gazed at the stars with and tried to explain a million things to is now a grown man.  Hard to believe.  I wish that I had more photographs of my nephew. Ones that I could really look back in time and try to see who we were.  For me, that would mean a lot.  This is why Emile and I think that these opportunities to record our lives is beyond precious and so important to all of us. Our families. What is more enduring than that?

These two little goof balls pictured are brother and sister.  They fight and play and love each other unconditionally.  It was a pleasure to photograph them and we hope that this will be a treasure in their adult lives.  Somehow, we know that it will.

Bless, Lisa and Emile