Create a poster to reflect your true self

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Who wouldn’t want to star in their own major motion picture movie?  Right????  This fantasy is always kind of a fun one, don’t you think?  This lovely couple were getting ready to take the ultimate plunge, and get married.  We were lucky enough to photograph this remarkable part of their history.  Her husband is a cowboy and she is a hairstylist.   Okay, fast forward….. the bride happens to absolutely, love romance novels, especially the ones involving cowboys.  Her sister mentioned this to us and we thought it would be a fun idea to create the ultimate personal, movie poster starring, THEM !!!!  A marriage gift to them both.  They loved it !  They look like movie stars !  We continue to think that everyone can, look like movie stars !  Why not?  Life’s short.  Have fun.  Make your own darn movie, starring YOU !  We can help you make that happen, because you’re already a star and you know it.

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